About MM Arte

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With its market presence in Europe dating back to 1998, MM Arte is committed to delivering hand-made, unique designer jewellery of finest quality to galleries and individuals. We have been cooperating successfully with art galleries, jewelers and stores in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, United States, Poland and others. Our artisan jewelry collections are based on unique designs by the artist Malgorzata Mieleszko-Myszka and are entirely hand-made, according to the finest rules of the craftsmanship. We mostly manufacture necklaces, earrings, bracelets and clip earrings of gold and silver (natural, oxidized and gold-plated) with zirkonias, diamonds, gemstones, amber, and other. Each piece is entirely hand-made and undergoes a strict quality control performed by the artist herself. Thus MM Arte is able to deliver jewelry which is elegant, sophisticated, but also universal and timeless. Our jewelry has been sold to a variety of customers of various ages and styles. It appeals to high-end clients around the world and can deliver unforgettable experiences.
MM Arte has been offering its products both through intermediaries and directly through individual contracts and orders (over our webpage, e-mail, phone, in-person meetings) and during trade fairs. In 2014 we were present at Amberif in Gdansk and at Inhorgenta in Munich.
MM Arte is a reliable business partner for any businesspeople who deal with art, high-quality jewelry, any hand-made products, but also for dealers of any silver, gold, bronze, amber or gemstones products. We are flexible when it comes to meeting our customer’s needs. Hence, we offer a variety of solutions regarding ordering, shipment, invoicing and payment methods. Modifications and per-request individual orders are possible.
Our collections such as Klimt, Amber, Flamenco, Metal or Tierra are inspired by many cultural and artisan trends, which currently appeal to people worldwide, such as the ancient times, the Vikings, the pre-Columbian and pre-Slavic era, flamenco or Austrian paintings.
Using ancient methods of the craftsmanship, such as keum boo, we can offer beauty which is long-lasting and unmatched by any other company. Due to our manufacturing techniques no two pieces of our jewelry are identical and the gold-plated items stand out due to the significant amount of gold in them (up to 300 times more than achieved in the regular gold-plating).