DUO Collection

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Black-silver, black-gold, silber-gold, gold-brown. A play with two colors. Simple shapes – a circle, an oval. More? There is no need for more…
Elegant, classic colors are used in the DUO Collection. The pieces are of simple, clear shapes – circular, oval, ambit. As a result, a universal dimension of the jewelry has been accomplished. The pieces from the DUO Collection are of top-notch quality, but they can be matched with a variety of apparels and styles. The collection appeals to women of different ages and in any mood.
Within the collection long and short earrings, clip earrings and long and short necklaces of one, two and three tiers are available. Standard necklace is 45 cm, although modifications and per-request orders are possible.
We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs regarding the orders, terms and conditions of delivery, payment and shipment methods.