FELT Collection

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Felt is a crafting fabric.
The word has a second meaning as well. As in “I felt”.
I felt beautiful, elegant, feminine. I felt I could come through with flying colors…

FELT is a unique collection. The artist tries to bring felt to another level – one of cheerful elegance. The fabric is framed with silver, sometimes matched with amber. Thus, very intricate, but also unusual, joyful, colorful jewelry has been created. We break the stereotypes but we do not give up on tradition; the collection stems from traditional folk apparel; reference is made to Polish stripe patters from Lowicz, to the Mexican sarape or Andean poncho.
Each layer of felt is light as a feather with ca. 1 mm thickness. Each piece of jewelry consists of a couple of hundred pieces of felt, each of which is meticulously cut, chosen and artfully assembled according to our unique design. Colors in each version of the jewelry are highly impressive; they go together and complement each other. The color versions are know-how; they are subject to secret and as such – completely unmatched.