FLAMENCO Collection

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Flamenco is fire. Dynamics, expression, an element, passion. And mystery….

Mysterious fire in zirconias, flashes of light, sparkling, momentsas fast and ephemeral as the waving of a dancer’s dress. Definite and strong forms of rings and earrings resemble the stacatto of flamenco shoes. Brave, dynamic shapes… because not everything needs to be predictable….

The FLAMENCO Collection stems from the artist’s passion, as she is a flamenco singer. Being familiar with the culture of the Spanish dance – hot, dynamic, but also dark and gloomy – the artist pours the extreme emotions into the jewelry.

She has created synesthethic jewelry which stimulates all senses and triggers imagination. The collection stands out due to its authenticity; it strikes the right note.

The collection embraces silver earrings, rings and necklaces, gold-plated or oxidized, with zirconias in various colors or diamonds.