KLIMT Collection

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The Klimt collection offers unique pieces of finest quality jewelry. This jewelry is made of oxidized silver and is gilded/coated with 24-carat gold leaves (orange colour), 20 and 18-carat gold (brighter color). In the ancient Korean coating process called kaum boo (kum bo), the silver is deeply infused with the gold as a result of high temperature and pressure. The amount of gold which stays on the jewelry is thus up to 300 times higher than when the plating is made with standard techniques.

The standard gilding/coating is 0,3-micron-thick, while 1 gold leaf has the thickness of 14 microns. There are 5-6 layers of gold leaves laid on the surface of the jewellery.
The collection is extraordinary, based on the own, unique desing of the artist. No two pieces are the same. The collection is umatched thanks to beautiful artistic effects, the surface of the items is multi-dimensional; it catches the eye. The colors are subject to slight changes depending on the light, so the jewelry reflects the changes of the weather, time or space. The sparkles of light in the uneven textures of gold are contrasted with the smooth darkness of oxidized silver. Each element retains the uniqueness of its form, as it is not possible to lay the gold in exactly the same manner twice. All products are protected against abrasion of the coating.

The gold for the collection is obtained from the famous Italian smithy Giusto Manetti Battiloro. Within the collection long and short earrings, clip earrings and long and short necklaces of one, two and three tiers are available. Standard necklace is 45 cm, although modifications and per-request orders are possible.

We are trying to be as flexible as possible when it comes to meeting our customer’s needs regarding the orders, terms and conditions of delivery, payment and shipment methods.